Students' Complaints and Problems with University Courses or Support From Your University: Help and Advice



Common problems and complaints that students experience with their courses are

• Courses being changed after the student has accepted or started the course.

• Courses being discontinued after the student has accepted or started the course.

• The university not offering what they promised.

• Lack of teaching time.

• Lack of experience or expertise by the teaching staff.

• The university lacking facilities that are necessary for the course or that were advertised.

• The university lacks support for the needs of the students, e.g. disability or additional support.

• Unsuitable accommodation or facilities.


This continues to happen in British universities: just because universities themselves accept this or turn a blind eye to this, it does not mean it is acceptable orwe should accept it. If you have been a victim of this, it is unfortunate, but it is not your fault. You do not have to accept this or allow it to continue: you have the power to change your situation and you have the power to choose how to react to what is going on.

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What to do if something is wrong with your university course or your university is not providing support

  • Keep comprehensive records of what has gone wrong: take photos, if appropriate, keep a log of events, anything can help.
  • Talk to your students representative.
  • Contact your Students Union.
  • Check your universities' practices on complaints.
  • Ask our community.
  • See if anyone else has had the same problem and how they have dealt with it in our experience pages.
  • After you have exhausted your university's internal procedures, you can see if the Office of the Independent Adjudicator can help.


For further Help and Advice on How to Deal with Your University not Providing you what you Need

  • Your Students Union or Students Rep
  • Your local law centre(s): they are free centres where you can receive advice for your claim.
  • Citizens Advice


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