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A Cambridge academic, Dr Peter Hutchinson, was found to have sexually harassed 10 students has been readmitted to his college, Trinity Hall, in October 2019, less than two years after it was announced he had been permanently removed.

He had admitted to sexually assaulting a former student in his first trial in 2006 (which had been halted for legal reasons) and was acquitted with a 10/2 majority in a second trial in 2006. At the time, Hutchinson commented: "I just cannot understand how something which seemed so trivial was so important to her, and I cannot really see it as a sexual assault." Despite these admissions, Trinity Hall organised an "acquittal tea party" for him and had allowed to stay employed and continue to work with students and staff. Trinity Hall's decision to allow him to stay resulted in at least 10 complaints of sexual harassment against him.

After significant backlash in the media and social media and a petition attracting over 1,300 signatures, Hutchinson resigned voluntarily in November 2019 (apparently Trinity Hall took no action against him).

In February 2020, further media investigations reveal consistent sexual misconduct at Trinity Hall which was covered up by the college. It was also revealed that Peter Hutchinson wrote an erotic novel based on his students while he was facing sexual harassment allegations. The Trinity Hall Master, Jeremy Morris, stepped back temporarily from his position but resisted widespread calls to resign.

In August 2021, following findings of an independent report "that the College consider initiating disciplinary action against the Master", Jeremy Morris resigned.


Background information from Rianna Croxford, the journalist who broke the story

Trinity Hall Scandal Background


Hutchinson's Trials (2006)

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Hutchinson is investigated for breaching the sanctions imposed on him after allegations of sexual harassment (December 2017)

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Hutchinson is re-admitted to Trinity Hall Cambridge (October 2019)

Cambridge University don readmitted after sexual harassment

Cambridge don accused of sexually harassing 10 students readmitted to college

Cambridge college lecturer readmitted after student sexual harassment

Cambridge college readmits don in sex pest row

Cambridge University readmits lecturer despite sexual harassment allegations

Disgraced Cambridge don, 74, returns to his college two years after being banned over claims he sexually harassed ten female students

Cambridge Don readmitted despite sexual harassment

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Cambridge University don readmitted after sexual harassment

Cambridge lecturer who sexually harassed 10 students readmitted to college

Collection of articles

Dr Peter Hutchinson readmitted to Trinity Hall after being ‘permanently removed’ for sexual harassment

Trinity Hall readmits academic accused of sexual harassment less than two years after permanent removal

Trinity Hall admits they ‘erroneously’ invited fellow accused of sexual harassment to student lecture


International news

Cambridge ne pas accusé d'avoir harcelé sexuellement 10 étudiants réadmis à l'université

Scandal la Cambridge. Un profesor care a hărțuit sexual 10 studente a fost reangajat la universitate
Citeşte întreaga ştire: Scandal la Cambridge. Un profesor care a hărțuit sexual 10 studente a fost reangajat la universitate

Scandal la Cambridge. Un profesor care a hărțuit sexual 10 studente a fost reangajat la universitate

Cambridge University Lecturer Who Sexually Harassed Ten Students Readmitted To College


News of the Scandal Sends Shockwaves through Social Media

Peter Hutchinson’s readmittance to Trinity Hall sends shockwaves through Cambridge community

Cambridge alumni threaten to stop donations to college which readmitted don after sexual harassment row


Hutchinson's Resignation (November 2019)

Peter Hutchinson resigns from Trinity Hall

Cambridge don who was readmitted to his College after sexual harassment claims has now resigned

Cambridge University academic resigns after Trinity Hall row

Cambridge don resigns from college after sexual harassment complaints

Peter Hutchinson, subject of 10 sexual harassment complaints, resigns from Trinity Hall

Cambridge professor accused of sexually harassing students resigns in shock U-turn

Ex-Cambridge University fellow leaves after sexism apology


Further sexual misconduct and coverup at Trinity Hall is uncovered: the Master (Jeremy Morris) and Dr William Reilly withdraw temporarily from their position; Peter Hutchinson is discovered to have written erotic fiction based on students while facing sexual harassment accusations (February 2020)

Cambridge don published ‘erotic’ fiction about students while facing sexual harassment accusations

Cambridge University don wrote erotic fiction about students

Pressure mounts on Trinity Hall Master to resign over handling of sexual misconduct

CUSU demands Trinity Hall Master resign after mishandling sexual assault complaint

More resignations at Tit Hall following Tortoise investigation

Women who made sexual misconduct complaints at Tit Hall call for new leadership

Trinity Hall investigation fallout continues

Students slam Cambridge over handling of sexual misconduct cases

Cambridge college head steps back after hundreds of students accuse staff of ‘mishandling’ sexual misconduct cases

Trinity Hall: Cambridge college head 'steps back' over handling of sex complaints

Head of Cambridge College Trinity Hall forced to step aside over mishandling of staff and student sexual misconduct

A college with secrets


The Master (Jeremy Morris) resigns (August 2021)

Statement from Trinity Hall

Master of Trinity Hall College, Cambridge resigns following mishandling of sexual abuse cases

Head of Trinity Hall resigns over handling of Cambridge harassment case

Cambridge University college master resigns over handling of sex complaints



Analysis: Over 1,200 sign open letter, but will Trinity Hall take action?

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