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"Your indiscretions – on occasion, even your crimes – will be kept quiet through regimes of fear. Threaten lawsuits, repercussions, closed-off opportunities. The more people cave to fear, the more they become implicated in shared guilt and work to maintain silence whether they want to or not. Colleagues who used to get along fine will be divided by resentment of their mutual failure to stand up to you."

Ten rules for succeeding in academia through upward toxicity, Irina Dumitrescu


Suicides in Universities

‘The way universities are run is making us ill’: inside the student mental health crisis

Suicide is at record level among students at UK universities, study finds

Student who killed herself was ‘failed’ by mental health services

Number of Cambridge students going to counselling for anxiety has doubled in six years

Parents sue Bristol University for neglect after daughter’s suicide

Parents sue Bristol University for negligence after their daughter with severe anxiety killed herself on the day she was due to give a presentation

'Exceptional' PhD student, 26, hanged herself after being taunted in her university lab by 'toxic bullies' for not being 'posh enough' because she went to state school and did not know how to sail, inquest hears

Bristol University in the dock after 10 suicides and sudden deaths in 18 months

Edinburgh University admits failings after student kills herself

My brother took his own life, but his uni didn’t even know. We need change

Student, 20, found dead in halls at Coventry University

Inquest hears that "more should have been done" for "young woman in crisis” following tragic suicide

Male students in England and Wales more likely to kill themselves

How More Than 12 Students at One University Ended Up Dead By Suicide

Their Friend Took His Own Life. Now These Bristol University Students Want Answers

Universities could be legally forced to contact parents of students having a mental health crisis under new law after pressure from suicide victims' families

Unis could finally be forced to have a legal duty for student mental health

Lecturer's widow hits out at Cardiff University workload

UK student suicide rate ‘rises by 56 per cent in 10 years’

Four in 10 UK PhD students ‘at high risk of suicide’, says study

Warwick student Will Bargate took his own life during lockdown

Warwick University ‘should have been more proactive,’ inquest into student’s suicide finds

Unjustifiably suspended for my mental health in Cambridge: a look back at the past 18 months

The UK’s unis spend millions on mental health, but don’t know how many suicides happen

Leading academic's son dies at university halls after 'severe anxiety' during lockdown

Suicides at record level among U.K. students



What to do about our toxic universities?

Struggling to exercise upward toxicity? Try toxic hypocrisy

‘Out of touch universities are losing nation’s trust’, Policy Exchange report finds

PhDs: the tortuous truth

Universities need to lose 'sense of entitlement'

Performance-driven culture is ruining scientific research

Academia is built on exploitation. We must break this vicious circle

UK academia ‘increasingly unsafe’ working environment

Box-ticking is the inevitable result of top-down impositions

Abusers and Enablers in Faculty Culture

Thousands of UK academics 'treated as second-class citizens'

How scottish universities are failing our young

Market economics has driven universities into crisis – and we’re all paying the price

University lecturer who was accused of beating student and rubbing salt in her eyes withdraws appeal

University of Warwick hiding data security risks from students and staff

Oxford lecturer admits producing indecent photographs

Oxford lecturer who wrote about 'ethics of child pornography' admits producing indecent images

Former Oxford University lecturer who wrote about ‘ethics of child pornography’ jailed for indecent images

Oxford professor sentenced to jail in France over child abuse images

‘It’s cut-throat’: half of UK academics stressed and 40% thinking of leaving

There’s more to being a scientist than just doing science

How Academia Resembles a Drug Gang

UK academics must stand up to stop universities becoming sweatshops

Competition drives researchers to counselling – and exit door

Casualised staff ‘dehumanised’ in UK universities

Suspend your studies if you don’t have a laptop, Uni of York told its students

Lecturers went on strike over insecure jobs – now we fear coronavirus cuts

UoL Student Services accidentally emails confidential info to entire cohort

Student complaints at University of Warwick almost double in a year

UK academic faculty staff members excoriate university-management practices in survey

Warwick University kept data hack secret from students and staff

The commercialisation of British universities

More students say university not value for money

A visionary to save the Open University – or the man who will run it into the ground?

Vice-Chancellor suggests he deserves salary of £360,000 as he has to oversee huge staff redundancies

Open University gave away £13 million in severance payments last year despite claiming they are broke, HESA figures reveal

Vice chancellor of the Open University quits amid a row over funding after he accused lectures of getting away with 'not teaching' for decades

Open University plans major cuts to number of staff and courses

Universities: Coronavirus lockdown and strikes by lecturers mean fewer students see uni as value for money

Fewer students say degree is ‘good value for money’ amid Covid-19 and strikes

Fewer students say degree is ‘good value for money’ amid Covid-19 and strikes (ITV)

'UNACCEPTABLE' Students demand refunds on tuition fees claiming university lecturers have abandoned them

Beware of Gaslighting

I wish we could talk more openly about mental health in academia

Coventry University boss faces sex trip claims

Coventry University tries to silence sex scandal whistleblowers

Leading UK University Soon Setting Up Office In Rwanda, Under Fire Over “Sexual Predators”

Pressure Vessels: The epidemic of poor mental health among higher education staff

Two controversial stem cell trials could harm patients, critics say

‘Don’t frighten the students’: the crisis of academic freedom in the managed university

British universities fail at research integrity self-regulation

Office for Students? It’s the Office Against Students and it is not going to last

Meet the people – a lesson in asking the public the right question about universities

‘Mafia’ culture kept abuser Kevin O’Gorman in university job

The reaction of HEIs in listening to this criticism is to explain – with a greater or lesser degree of patience – why the public are idiots

Millions spied on by greedy top universities: Institutions secretly hire investigators to snoop on ex-student's salaries, pensions and even friends in drive for donations

Psychopathic behaviour is a hidden problem in higher education

University threatened with legal action from Indian student facing deportation

Higher education in the UK is morally bankrupt. I’m taking my family and my research millions, and I’m off

Would universities call parents in a mental health crisis?

Report: The unis who don’t know how many of their students are dying by suicide

Call for universities to stop keeping students and parents in dark on crime stats

'I was so traumatised': accounts of sexual harassment in UK universities

Huddersfield University 'flouting the law' as it defies judge who ordered sacked lecturer should get his job back

How Working-Class Academics Are Set Up to Fail

Lecturer wrong to send emails wanting ‘toxic’ student to leave

Freshers “abandoned” as Glasgow University fails to house all new students

Edinburgh University vet school ‘run like the Stasi’

University of Liverpool: Course cancelled amid surge in demand

Architect accuses GSA bosses of 'despicable' treatment of students

Oxford dons 'closed ranks' to protect colleague

‘My students never knew’: the lecturer who lived in a tent


From Oxford to Adelaide: Ancient DNA expert Alan Cooper's bullying and harassment has left a trail of psychological damage and wrecked careers [[Update Dec 20, 2019: Cooper fired]]




Source: Nature's PhDs: the tortuous truth