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Students who complain about abuse on campus are being ‘wokesmeared’

Our faculty’s hands have been tied, and students are left to bear the burden


LGBT+ Discrimination

"Two in five LGBT students (42 per cent) have hidden their identity at university for fear of discrimination." LGBT in Britain - University Report, Stonewall

‘Out at Cambridge’: Report investigates experiences of the University’s LGBTQ+ community

For its trans students to feel at home, Cambridge needs to do better


Disability Discrimination

“The current provision isn’t just inadequate, it is intentionally not given. When it comes to disabled students, we are always measured up against a price tag, and once we become more expensive than profitable, we are forced to go into debt or seek charity to access our basic right to education.” Disabled students dropping out amid ‘inadequate’ support, charities and unions warn

Lack of support in universities drives deaf students to consider leaving degrees

'Far too many are struggling': are universities failing autistic students?

Disabled student “unfairly disadvantaged”, excluded from Warwick Medical School

Disabled students accuse leading university of institutional failings on discrimination

We need to give “special consideration” some special consideration

Disabled Students' Allowances: Over half of eligible students miss out

University of Liverpool 'discriminating' over deadline extensions

Varsity Disabled Access Report: ‘In short, help is there, but it isn’t enough’

I’ve got autism and I feel abandoned by my university during this crisis

Lockdown moved all teaching online, but disabled students have asked for that for years

Coronavirus: University life may 'pose further risk' to young shielders

University of Highlands and Islands changes its ways after pupil wins long-running battle

Disabled student’s ‘five years of sheer hell’ at university

I dropped out of uni because it wasn’t accessible enough for disabled students

My final year at Oxford, when I felt punished for having ME

Unjustifiably suspended for my mental health in Cambridge: a look back at the past 18 months

'We weren't ready for a student like you': Blind Sheffield University student felt he had no choice but to drop out

University of Sheffield apologises to blind student over lack of support


Hull student 'humiliated' over lack of disabled access

University leaves disabled student segregated at the back of lectures

‘They strip me of my power and strength’: Hull University student ‘humiliated’ by lack of wheelchair access on campus

Student in wheelchair forced to listen to lecture from top of stairs

'No improvement' in disabled access at university, Hull student says


How can disabled students hold universities to account on access?


UCL's Students' Union's Report on Discrimination Faced by Disabled Students

Disability Discrimination Faced by UCL Students & Recommended Measures

UCL's Response to SU allegations that UCL failed disabled students



Gender Discrimination

40 years of women in most Cambridge colleges, but there’s still a long way to go

Male scientists cut me off after I stood up for staff, says top biologist Fiona Watt

Oxford college celebrates 100 years of female graduates with unsalaried fellowships

"Cambridge University supporting a privileged white man to maintain a career in the academy taking advantage of a working class woman"

English Faculty: Where are the women?

Annual report shows improvement in BME data but decline in gender equality

White men still dominate in UK academic science

Gender pay gap in academia will take 40 years to close

Gender pay gap expert among top professors quitting Brexit Britain

Gender not children 'holds women academics back'

Inequality in pay and opportunity continues for female Cambridge employees, study finds

More needs to be done to address the gender gap in academia, researchers say

2019/20 Senior Academic promotions favour men by almost 300%

Gender equality: 'No room at the top for women scientists'



"Scores of black and minority ethnic students and lecturers have told the Guardian they were dissuaded from making official complaints and either dropped their allegations or settled for an informal resolution. They said white university staff were often reluctant to address racism, with racial slurs treated as banter or an inevitable byproduct of freedom of speech, and institutional racism poorly recognised." UK universities condemned for failure to tackle racism

Reporting racism in Cambridge: the realities behind the numbers

Cambridge staff sign open letter criticising ‘overly optimistic’ assessment of racial inequality

It's not banter, it's racism: UK students accuse universities of brushing complaints aside

Bristol University students report rise in racial ‘aggression’ on campus

Students 'racially targeted and humiliated' by senior University of Bristol staff as students call out institutional racism

Warwick apologises for not responding to sector-wide racial harassment survey

Racism in science is real. Universities must champion change

Allegations of 'racism at heart of Warwick Students' Union' under investigation

Warwick apologises for not responding to sector-wide racial harassment survey

Black Lives Matter: Nottingham Trent University criticised for handling of racist incidents

Scottish universities 'oblivious' to extent of racial abuse

Threaten research funding to make universities take 'institutional racism' seriously, says academic

Black female academics in UK ‘face pervasive bullying’

Ethnic minority academics speak out over unfair pay

Racism at university: Inquiry launched by UK's equality body

Examining racism in UK universities

UK universities' BME staff less likely to hold top jobs

Universities criticised for 'tokenistic' support for Black Lives Matter

Elite universities are too obsessed with tradition to tackle racism effectively

No wonder UK universities are failing on racism – most don’t value diversity at all

We know how higher education fails black students, so what’s stopping us from fixing it?

There is a crisis on campuses – but it’s about racism, not free speech

Disturbing report into racism at UK universities is a wake-up call

Universities failing to address thousands of racist incidents

3 Young Women On Dealing With Racism At British Universities

Black Lives Matter: Nottingham Trent University criticised for handling of racist incidents

Ethnic minority academics speak out over unfair pay

Ethnic minority academics earn less than white colleagues

Why black doctors like me are leaving faculty positions in academic medical centers

Do universities have a problem with promoting their BAME staff?

'I've been mistaken for the coffee lady': experiences of black female academics

Racism ‘has no place’ at our uni

'Look at how white the academy is': why BAME students aren't doing PhDs

‘Alarming’ rates of racial harassment on UK campuses

There’s still work to be done to tackle racial harassment in universities

Minister criticises lack of senior black UK academics

Decolonising education: 'Until the lion learns how to write, the story will always glorify the hunter'

Most universities have done little to dismantle racism

Number of black academics in top university roles is 'officially zero' as minister says it is 'unacceptable'

St Catharine’s College Master apologises for racist incident to Wolfson student

Cambridge don apologises to black student who was 'physically prevented' from entering a college

Black female professors must deal with bullying to win promotion, report finds

UK universities face pressure to reform admissions process

A history of racism at Warwick

Exeter student reveals ‘sickening’ death threats sent from anonymous email accounts

Universities should be punished for giving black students lower grades

'Monolithically white places': academics on racism in universities

Glasgow University student athletes allege racist bias

BAME academics are already under-represented. The response to Covid-19 could reduce our numbers even further

‘Decolonise’ universities to end ‘silent crisis’ in higher education, report says

All African meets black tie: shedding light on ‘the most racist event in St Andrews’

Why I am frustrated with white silence at University as a non-black POC

Swansea University investigating 'abhorrently racist comments' made by students on social media

University of Herts ‘urgently’ commits to rectifying BAME students grade disparity with white students

Half of BAME students harassed at Glasgow University, report shows

We spoke to Lancaster’s BME Student Officer Elect about the uni’s response to BLM

‘Students play drinking games with the N word’: Black students on racism at Durham

Drama schools accused of hypocrisy over anti-racism statements

‘Applying to uni is different if you’re black’: Why unis offer far fewer places to black students

Students investigated for clips re-enacting George Floyd killing

Fewer than 1% of UK university professors are black, figures show

If universities struggle financially, BAME academics will lose their jobs first

‘Black, a lesser species’: Swansea University investigates students in racist group chat

Universities must stop covering up racism in order to protect their own reputations

Universities are failing their students during the coronavirus outbreak

University of Leicester vice-chancellor says 'chronic absence' of BAME academics must be addressed

Cambridge Uni Said Student Who Made Racism Complaint Needs To 'Understand UK Customer Service'

Edinburgh University Zoom meeting: what happened as black and LGBT students attacked during video call - and Zoom’s response

Black women scientists missing from textbooks, study finds

Black and minority ethnic academics less likely to be professors and earn less than white colleagues, analysis finds

Leeds School of Medicine criticised over lack of diversity on equality and inclusivity panel

New stats show how wide the black attainment gap is at your uni

Young British & Black

As a black, Muslim, working class student at Cambridge, I saw firsthand how damaging elitism is

Racism at Dundee University revealed in report showing student saying ‘non-whites’ should leave country

'Real change is needed': addressing the BAME postgrad attainment gap

Black scientists say UK research is institutionally racist

Only 155 out of 23,000 university professors are black

Only 1% of UK university professors are black


Racism at Oxford University

Disillusioned black Oxford students unwilling to help attract others

Former Christ Church Boat Club committee member admits to defacing George Floyd image

Three black Oxford students discuss racism

Oxford University delays publishing ethnicity admission data due to ‘world events’

Oxford University Accused Of Racism After Students Told Be 'Vigilant' After Black Man Seen On Grounds

Oxford students to get anti-bias training after George Floyd ‘joke’ at hustings

Oxford College launches probe after porter asked black alumnus if he used to 'rob the place'

Oxford University accused of lack of diversity

Oxford college investigating after porter ‘asked black graduate if he was a robber’

Accusations of racism at Christ Church JCR hustings

BAME students make up one-fifth of new Oxford undergraduates

Twelve Oxford Colleges have taken on just FIVE or fewer black undergraduates in the past three years – despite overall numbers increasing

Number of black students in Oxford rises, but low numbers admitted to colleges

I'm quitting as an academic because of racism and joining Surrey police

‘Not built for minorities to succeed’: black scientists on academia’s race problem

Racism claims spark unrest at Manchester Met

Is Uni Racist? Black and ethnic minority students allege mishandling of racism complaints

UK universities are institutionally racist, says leading vice-chancellor

'It's had a lasting impact': students on being bullied over their accents

Oxford dons 'closed ranks' to protect colleague

Oxford porters stop me because of my skin colour, says senior don

Oxford University accused of bias against ethnic minority applicants


Racism at Goldsmiths University

Students occupy Goldsmiths in protest at institutional racism

Anti-racist student occupation in Deptford Town Hall against Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths students occupy building amid accusations the uni celebrates slave owners

Anti-racism protesters occupy Goldsmiths university building

Goldsmiths occupation ‘just the start’ in tackling inequality

Goldsmiths occupation: University responds to Deptford Town Hall protest

Students locked in at Deptford Town Hall as Goldsmiths responds to anti-racist protests

What's going on at Goldsmiths?

Goldsmiths anti-racism protest marks 100th day with rally

Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action could be evicted from Deptford Town Hall

Anti-racism activists end Goldsmiths occupation

Anti-racism activists end Goldsmiths occupation

Goldsmiths racism report finds BME students feel unsafe on campus

Anti-racism campaigners succeed at Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths takes action to address race study findings

Students accuse Goldsmiths University of watering down racism report