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In 2018 two female university students at Warwick University found themselves at the centre of a group chat between male students which involved discussions of genital mutilation, sexual violence, rape threats and racism. The men in the group chat were on the same course as the female students and were also close friends. The conversation mentioned how one of the men had actually drugged a female university student on a night out.

The investigation was led by Warwick's Head of Press and Media Relations, Peter Dunn. Barrister Daniel Sokol commented: "You can imagine a situation where the press officer thinks 'well I think the just thing to do would be to do this but if I put my press officer hat on that wouldn't look good in terms of the perception and the reputation of the university'. The university then suspended 11 students while an investigation began. But that initial investigation itself prompted accusations of conspiracy because of the conflict of interests of the head investigator.

During that interview led by Dunn, one of the complainants claims Dunn was 'very accusatory from the beginning'  in the way that he questioned her and the other victim who had come forward and reduced her to tears. We were told straight away that our stories didn't line up... I was very scared, I remember coming out of that meeting crying."

'He went through it one by one and asked me if I had any sexual relations with any of them. He made me go through every single page and he asked me, "How did that make you feel?", and the things that he was talking me through and asking me to repeat were very, very, very violent rape threats against me and my friends.'

The outcome of the disciplinary investigation was that five of the students were suspended. Two were banned for 10 years - and have now had that reduced to one year, two were excluded for one year, and one was given a lifetime campus ban. However, the ban was later changed on appeal by the students, which meant they could rejoin classes in September 2019 while their victims were still on campus. This

The relative leniency of the punishments as well as Warwick's investigations led by a PR person whose duties included protecting Warwick's reputation caused a media backlash and a scandal that resulted in Warwick being widely accused of failing their students' safety, of re-victimising victims of sexual misconduct, of putting their reputation before their students' wellbeing and of general incompetence. A subsequent review found that "there had been ‘a profoundly unsatisfactory outcome for almost every single person involved’" The scandal resulted in Warwick having to suspend its fundraising amid an outcry from Warwick's alumni.


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Biased investigation by Warwick University

In a BBC documentary, Peter Dunn, director of press and media relations at the University of Warwick, is alleged to have added to the distress of female students who complained about rape threats by subjecting them to an "accusatory" and intimidating interrogation.

Concerns over a conflict of interest in the case have resulted in the University deciding that comms professionals will no longer be allowed to act as investigators into complaints involving staff or students.

The Warwick 'group chat' scandal, the coverage and the commentary, is a tragic reminder of the distance we need to travel as an industry to raise the bar and fulfil our leadership potential.

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