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Anyone can be the victim of sexual misconduct in universities:

  • 70% of female students and recent graduates surveyed have experienced sexual violence (48% experienced sexual assault)
  • 26% of male students and recent graduates surveyed have experienced sexual violence (17% experienced sexual assault)
  • 61% of non-binary students and recent graduates surveyed have experienced sexual violence (47% experienced sexual assault)
  • 73% of students and recent graduates surveyed with a disability have experienced sexual violence (54% have experienced sexual assault)

Source: Student Room Survey 2018


This is a non-exhaustive collection of articles on sexual misconduct in UK universities. In reality, as the figures above show, sexual misconduct is common in all universities. The perpetrators can be students or university staff. Anyone can be a victim: most of the victims most likely thought it would never happen to them. But it did.


Sexual harassment 'at epidemic levels' in UK universities

UK survey reveals widespread sexual misconduct by academic staff

Students are still afraid to report sexual assault

There’s a sexual assault crisis at British universities And it's getting worse

How safe is your campus? Universities put time-limits on students who make sexual assault complaints against staff

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Calls for action by universities on ‘epidemic’ of harassment on campus

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Universities 'failing' victims of sexual misconduct

Staff Student Relationship Rules Need To Change

Sexual violence and harassment cases at universities treble in three years

'We felt inferior and degraded': reporting sexual harassment at university

Will UK universities follow Barack Obama’s controversial lead on tackling campus sexual violence?

Business Secretary calls on universities to tackle violence against women on campus

The Guardian view on sexual harassment in universities: taking it seriously

Why the true scale of university harassment is so hard to uncover

51 Percent of Students Accused of Stalking or Abuse Allowed to Stay at UK Universities

Universities lack the skills to properly investigate sexual misconduct claims

Sexual assault survivors continually let down by universities, says report

Students need better support from universities to deal with harassment and sexual assault

Student rape reports: The battle to be believed

Harassed students ‘re-victimised’ by universities

Sexual assault: what happens after students speak out?

The question students should ask: how is my university tackling sexual violence?

Universities “failing” victims of sexual misconduct, BBC investigation reports

'I was raped as a student - and I’m not the only one'

#MeToo is failing at university

82% increase in reports of sexual violence in universities

Students at top universities investigated for offensive online remarks nearly trebles, figures suggest

Universities traumatise student sexual misconduct survivors by mishandling cases

Students less likely to report sexual harassment when the perpetrator is a professor

The Weinsteins of academia can no longer be tolerated

Cambridge isn't the only university to fail at handling sexual misconduct complaints

Universities must stop making it up as they go along on staff-student complaints

PODCAST: “How dare he?” A former student at Trinity Hall, Cambridge talks about her experience of sexual assault on campus

Breaking the silence: The difference in legal frameworks between the US and the UK when it comes to dealing with sexual harassment on campus

I told my university I was harassed online. They asked me what a hashtag was

How unis issue meaningless fines to students guilty of sexual assault

Universities are still using meagre fines to punish racist students

Time for urgent action: Sexual violence and misconduct in UK universities

Uninversity investigates claims of sexual misconduct by ex-PhD student

Glasgow Uni students come forward with sexual harassment claims

Scandal erupts at prestigious British university, after students accuse several members of US-style frat house of sexual assault

A Prestigious Scottish University Has Been Accused of Silencing Sexual Assault Survivors

Fraternity urged to help police with St Andrews sex claims

St Andrews graduate who claims she was groped at university attended by Prince William and Kate Middleton says it can 'feel like a bad place to be a woman' where raucous drunken behaviour is 'applauded'

St Andrews abuse survivors: 'The mood isn’t just senseless outrage'

Academic 'was forced out of scandal-hit university for helping student groped by professor'

Cardiff students 'felt silenced' after sex assault claims

British-Iranian anthropologist who fled Iran accused of sexual abuse

Coventry University boss faces sex trip claims

Coventry University tries to silence sex scandal whistleblowers

Leading UK University Soon Setting Up Office In Rwanda, Under Fire Over “Sexual Predators”

Durham University condemns 'abhorrent' online posts

99 incidents of rape or attempted rape disclosed to Durham University in 5 years

I was raped by a Sussex student and it took the uni over a year to deal with my complaint

Student 'felt silenced by De Montfort University' after alleged groping

Commentary: Sexual misconduct in academia

‘Murano 12’ threatened with eviction and £1,200 fine after suffering trauma from external parties

Exclusive: Universities Are Accused Of Lack Of Support For Students Facing Domestic Abuse, Despite “High Prevalence” In Age Group

Bath Spa Uni: 'Deeply concerned' after sex assault claims

Erased: Why faculty sexual misconduct is prevalent and how we could prevent it

Eighteen cases of sexual abuse a week at universities

The 1752 Group and McAllister Olivarius Sector Guidance to Address Staff Sexual Misconduct in UK HE

University accused of ignoring reports staff had 'repeated affairs' with students

English universities to be told to work harder to stop sexual misconduct

Universities 'must do more to tackle sexual harassment'

Universities ignoring rape culture warnings, say campaigners

These unis won’t punish you for reporting a sexual assault while breaking Covid rules

Complaining to universities about harassment ‘often a waste of time’

Investigation: Why do just one in 14 students report sexual assault cases to their uni?

The scale of sexual harassment and assault at the UK's universities

Student sexual violence: 'leaving each university to deal with it isn't working'

'I was so traumatised': accounts of sexual harassment in UK universities

Nearly 60% of female students say they have been sexually assaulted at university, survey reveals

We asked 4,000 students about sexual assault on campus. These are the shocking results

Elite UK universities named on Everyone's Invited 'rape culture' website

The pervy professors: Academics and their Universities must do better on sexual harassment

How universities got to ‘crisis point’ with sexual assault

Former Trinity College provost and vice-chancellor accused of sexual harassment, misconduct



Cambridge University: Sexual Misconduct

Trinity Hall’s actions remind me why I never reported my assault by a Cambridge academic

Cambridge harassment row fuels calls to reform college system

I was harassed at Cambridge: the Dr Peter Hutchinson case is part of a wider problem

Student calls on Cambridge to wear black in solidarity with sexual harassment victims

Cambridge sexual misconduct rule change branded 'unlawful'

Two students speak out about the lapses in their college disciplinary procedures

Students slam Cambridge over handling of sexual misconduct cases

We Must Speak About Sexual Assault ‘Loud and Clear’

Former student suing Cambridge University over handling of sexual harassment complaint

Sexual assault claims 'mishandled' by universities

After exposing my abuser I was charged with harassment by Edinburgh University

University of Essex students protest over sex assault handling

6 Universities Say They Have 'Zero' Reports of Sexual Violence, But the Numbers Don't Add Up

Ex-students complain of sexism and racism at UCL architecture school

Academics in relationships with students ‘abuse’ their power says campus harassment campaigner

Top unis are hiring investigators to deal with students accused of sexual assault

Universities accused of failing sexual misconduct victims with inadequate policies and lack of enforcement

Campus justice

Campus Justice II | Universities everywhere are failing to respond to widespread allegations of sexual assault and harassment

Campus Justice II | Universities everywhere are failing to respond to widespread allegations of sexual assault and harassment (podcast)

126 sexual harassment cases at single university

Glasgow University students 'let down' over sexual harassment reports

Cambridge’s procedures are failing assault survivors

Trinity Hall Sexual Misconduct Scandal


Newcastle University: Sexual Misconduct

‘Looks another Warwick about to happen’: Newcastle Vice Chancellor mishandles student stalking case

Chris Day refers to stalking scandal as “another Warwick” and worries for NU’s “precarious reputation”

Newcastle University student stalked his ex-girlfriend and shared explicit video of her when they split up

Newcastle University Vice Chancellor accidentally sent revenge porn victim student's father an email worrying about how the case would affect their 'reputation' after man who targeted her was allowed to resume classes

Stalker Jefferson Young returns to victim’s university

Newcastle University stalker's return prompts petition

Newcastle University faces student backlash over stalker's return


Oxford University: Sexual Misconduct

Oxford has most sexual harassments of students by staff in the UK – report

Oxford University 'must investigate sexual harassment by staff on students' amid fears of unreported cases

The University Sexual Violence and Harassment Support Service is advising students who have been accused of sexual misconduct

Students use sexual harassment service more than expected at Oxford University

Oxford University sees fifteen fold rise in sexual harassment and violence allegations in a year

The Oxford University students demanding their #MeToo moment

Oxford University failed me over handling of rape claim, says woman

St Hugh's College in Oxford sets up harassment inquiry

Student sues Oxford over handling of rape complaints

Oxford student told ‘rape allegations would ruin the Oxbridge boat race’ by academic

Oxford postgrad says sexual assault complaint was met with hostility

Oxford bans sex-claim don Peter Thompson from teaching

Oxford head ‘made details of Balliol student’s assault public’

Oxford students rise up against Balliol College over assault claims


Birmingham University: Sexual Misconduct

I was raped by a Birmingham student and the uni only offered to send a letter to my attacker

Birmingham University refused to look into student's off-campus rape claim

More women say Birmingham University refused to investigate rape complaints

UoB Guild reviewing sexual assault reporting system in response to Tab report

Birmingham student launches petition to include sexual assault on university's 'extenuating circumstances' list


Strathclyde University: Sexual Misconduct

Sex abuse professor Kevin O’Gorman spared prison

'MONSTER' Pervert Strathclyde University professor who whipped student in abuse of eight men dodges jail

Victims of predatory professor to sue Strathclyde University for 'turning blind eye' to abuse

Uni professor who sexually assaulted male students sentenced

Victim to sue Strathclyde University over sex abuse by lecturer Kevin O’Gorman

Serial abuser Kevin O’Gorman fooled bosses into funding a jetset lifestyle

Sex abuse professor Kevin O’Gorman spared prison

Kevin O'Gorman: Former university professor sentenced for sex attacks


Warwick University: Sexual Misconduct

Warwick student plays in Varsity days after University finds him guilty of rape

Student’s dismay as Warwick University finds man groped her but lets him stay

Warwick University students stage sit-in over sexual abuse

See also the Warwick Scandal


Bath University: Sexual Misconduct

University of Bath's mounting problems: Add sexual harassment to bullying [Updated June 2019]

An accused sexual harasser has committed suicide. Who is to blame? [Updated June 2019]

Bath University Academic Showing Porn to Female Students


Goldsmiths University

New sexual harassment claims at Goldsmiths spark calls for inquiry

Goldsmiths paid almost £200k compensation over sexual harassment claims

New sexual harassment claims at Goldsmiths spark calls for inquiry

London university professor quits over 'sexual harassment of female students by staff'

How one UK university confronted its sexual harassment problem


Sheffield University: Sexual Misconduct

Sheffield University student investigated over offensive messages about women and STIs in leaked group chat


UCL: Sexual Misconduct

Sex harassment victims force University College London to end gagging orders

UCL to ban intimate relationships between staff and their students


Royal Academy of Music: Sexual Misconduct

Royal Academy of Music investigates a string of sex claims from more than a dozen students of improper remarks made by teachers

Review launched at Royal Academy of Music following sexual harassment complaints


Liverpool University: Sexual Misconduct

Charles Esdaile, University of Liverpool, Department of History. Sexual predation.