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"Hundreds of academics have been accused of bullying students and colleagues in the past five years, prompting concerns that a culture of harassment and intimidation is thriving in Britain’s leading universities." Hundreds of academics at top UK universities accused of bullying


Oxford revealed to have the highest number of complaints of bullying against academics


Third of Cambridge University staff 'have experienced bullying'

A third of University Staff ‘have witnessed or experienced bullying’


University of Bath paleontologist loses 1 million pound Leverhulme grant over bullying complaints

University of Bath's mounting problems: Add sexual harassment to bullying [Updated June 2019]


From Oxford to Adelaide: Ancient DNA expert Alan Cooper's bullying and harassment has left a trail of psychological damage and wrecked careers [[Update Dec 20, 2019: Cooper fired]]

Head of ancient-DNA lab sacked for ‘serious misconduct’

Bullying allegations lead to firing of prominent ancient DNA expert


I reported harassment and was silenced – and I’m a senior academic

University bullying complaints rise

Top UK epidemiologist suspended after complaints

Progress still too slow in dealing with bullying in academia

Top cancer genetics professor quits job over bullying allegations

Universities provide ample fuel for gaslighters

University lecturer calls for academics to ‘break silence’ on bullying and harassment

Black female academics in UK ‘face pervasive bullying’

‘If you don’t fit… you will get bullied’ – Agricultural university accused of ignoring toxic campus culture

Music professor with cancer claims she was "bullied out" of 10-year Liverpool University job

My toxic supervisor ruined my health – but my university did nothing

Academia is built on exploitation. We must break this vicious circle

Researchers facing ‘shocking’ levels of stress, survey reveals

Competition drives researchers to counselling – and exit door

Academic bullying: Desperate for data and solutions

Bullying ‘endemic’ at Sussex, report warns

More students and graduates accuse Harper Adams agricultural university of having toxic culture

Beyond the tip of the Iceberg

Graduate survey: A love–hurt relationship

Culture of cruelty: why bullying thrives in higher education

Manchester Metropolitan: 'Bullying' university bans world-renowned professor who spoke out

Male scientists cut me off after I stood up for staff, says top biologist Fiona Watt

I landed my dream PhD – and it turned into a nightmare

UK university students accuse Covid patrol police of harassment

Wellcome sanctions top cancer scientist over bullying allegations

'It's had a lasting impact': students on being bullied over their accents

Bullying in universities: what are your legal rights?

Students and staff at Durham University complain of ‘apathy’ over bullying

Durham University keeps college head in post despite alleged intimidating conduct

Students from northern England facing 'toxic attitude' at Durham University


The University of Nottingham’s Director of Global and Political Affairs has ‘come under fire’ following his expletive-laden response to criticism on Twitter


Exposed: Lancaster University's bullying and cover-up culture

Lancaster University's 'endemic' bullying condemned nationally

Professor quits Lancaster University complaining that bullying was ignored


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