Media Archive on Wrongdoing in Universities: Sexual Misconduct, Bullying, Discrimination, Financial Mismanagement and NDAs


"Universities sing the song of meritocracy but dance to a different tune. In reality, they will do everything to reward and protect their most destructive, abusive and uncooperative faculty."


Ten rules for succeeding in academia through upward toxicity, Irina Dumitrescu


This is a collection of articles on university wrongdoing. The wrongdoing reported is the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of incidents of university wrongdoing that are unreported: these are not just numbers, every time wrongdoing occurs the life or the lives of people are affected, damaged and changed forever.

This can happen to anyone: victims of wrongdoing can be rich, poor and from any background. Universities do not discriminate when it comes to inflicting wrongdoing and many of the victims did not think that wrongdoing would happen to them.

Sexual Misconduct Articles: 7 in 10 female students and 1 in 5 male students experience it. 4 in 10 of all students had reported at least one instance of sexualised behaviour from university staff. Anyone can be a victim of sexual violence in universities: the victims do not do anthing to "cause" wrongdoing to happen to them. (Data from the NUS/The 1752 Group "Staff to Student Sexual Misconduct Report")

Bullying: "the prevalence of academic bullying is roughly more than 30% across the globe… Personally, I think the rate is much higher and is probably highly dependent on the type of institution. At highly ranked institutions, where competition for joining labs is high and where lab workers can easily be replaced by another candidate, I would guess the incidence is even higher." Anyone can be a victim of bullying, students, academics and university staff alike. (Academic bullying: Desperate for data and solutions)

Discrimination in universities is rife. Anyone can be discriminated on any grounds: race, sex, sexual orientation, disability or simply for "not looking the part".

Suicides and Mental Health in Universities

Financial Mismanagement and Waste in Universities

NDAs, Cover-Ups and Suppression of Speech: "Universities are even willing to ruin their own reputations and alienate their alumni to protect bullies and abusers. They might think that reputation management demands that such behaviour be swept under the carpet, but they ought to know that the scandals will break eventually, and that the cover-up will make them look worse. Some universities even hire people in the full knowledge of abuse allegations against them, thereby becoming invested in keeping secret their decision to put their students in harm’s way." (Ten rules for succeeding in academia through upward toxicity, Irina Dumitrescu)



Articles on specific scandals:

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