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Financial Issues and Financial Wrongdoing

Glasgow Uni covered up an investigation revealing tens of thousands of pounds, incl money from students, was funnelled into “unorthodox” bank accounts that were “clearly open to abuse”.

University rich list revealed as figures show over 4,000 staff are paid more than £100,000 a year

Half of elite university bosses handed larger pay packets despite crackdown

The financial health of our institutions: are we measuring the right things?

Union criticises UEL over deals to house firms where v-c had ties

Former Dundee University principal can stay in luxury flat despite claims he failed to pay rent

Wellcome Trust spends £114,000 on lawyers to defeat Onslow Square leaseholder in £6,000 dispute

The Guardian view on funding universities: the market model isn’t working

Big university gender pay gap revealed


Nearly three quarters of British universities fall in global rankings

Why are UK universities falling in the global rankings?

UK universities record worst performance to date in international league tables

UK universities suffer worst-ever rankings in world league table


De Montfort University officials caught lobbying to get honour for vice-chancellor

New report urges De Montfort University to make changes at the top

Professor Moneybags: £350k salary, a rent-free flat, and £57k on travel expenses... how the man who ran a university ranked 67th in Britain is an object lesson in why such institutions are on the brink of bankruptcy

University chancellor who resigned amid bullying allegations was paid £480,000 in his final year, new accounts reveal

Former DMU vice-chancellor Dominic Shellard left with a £479k financial package


Police investigate alleged bribery at Swansea University

Swansea University sack vice chancellor and dean of management school for gross misconduct

Former vice chancellor of Swansea University loses appeal against gross misconduct dismissal

Newcastle University lecturer slams 'callous' axeing of staff during coronavirus pandemic

Bangor Uni head 'harassment' allegation revealed

Bangor VC's controversial emails

Why does university chief Michael Arthur attract so much hostility?

University of Birmingham annual accounts raise serious questions over accounting practices across the sector

Oxford University criticised for accepting oligarch's £75m donation

How fake award for a tycoon left Oxford University open to Chinese influence

Former Google CFO quits as chair of Oxford university spin-off arm

Oxford University uses lockdown loophole to allow in-person MBA teaching

Ethics fly out of the window at Oxford University when big donors come calling

Just what was it exactly that Oxford University saw in the billionaire boss of Ineos?

University reputations risk being tarnished by business links

Jesus College, Cambridge, urged to cut ties with China

Cambridge fellows tutor Beijing elite in art of leadership

Uighurs’ plight not suitable for debate — Cambridge don

Cambridge professor whose role was ‘funded by China’ cautioned against Uyghur debate

Huawei ‘infiltrates’ Cambridge University research centre

Jesus college accepted £155,000 contribution from Huawei

Money laundering fears as universities accept £52m in cash

Universities are accused of aiding money launderers after letting students from 'high-risk' countries pay £52million in fees in CASH in move branded a 'welcome mat for kleptocrats'


Vice-Chancellors' Pay

Half of elite university bosses handed larger pay packets despite crackdown

Imperial College London head Alice Gast tops universities pay league with £554,000

Universities accused of 'importing Sports Direct model' for lecturers' pay

Uni Vice Chancellors face parliamentary investigation into their rising pay

Vice-Chancellor’s salary criticised by Cambridge groups

We're just scapegoats over pay and tuition fees, says university chief: Vice Chancellors' new boss claims institutions are being unfairly labelled as elite

Is this the end of the 'fat-cat' university bosses?

University VC average salary package hits $890,000

Universities could face 'significant' fines over vice-chancellor pay packages, regulator warns

Fatcat Vice Chancellors are a symptom of higher education's obsession with money

Universities could face 'significant' fines over vice-chancellor pay packages, regulator warns

Fat cat university bosses who decide their OWN pay: 95% of vice chancellors sit on salary panels or go to meetings

Fat cat university bosses raking in £332,000 each — with some salaries reaching up to £500,000

The fat cats have got their claws into our universities, and will eat them up

University heads feathering nests with salary top-ups, claims union

Vice-chancellors paid £500,000 or more at six universities in England

Edinburgh University paid £26,000 to move Principal’s pets and belongings

Former University of Aberdeen principal asked to repay £119,000

Vice chancellor in line for £830,000 pay package despite universities' pledge to show wage restraint

College chief claimed £27k in expenses

Coventry University has a vice-chancellor, five deputy vice-chancellors, eight pro-vice-chancellors and seven assistant pro-vice-chancellors

Fat cat vice-chancellor who spent more than £1,000 of university money on his dog faces mutiny from staff over job cuts

We found out if your uni’s Vice Chancellor got a pay rise during the pandemic

University vice-chancellors quietly bump salaries back up

Stephen Toope embodied all that is rotten about our universities


Almost 50 universities chiefs have kept their fat cat salaries since pandemic began... despite devastated students suffering months of lost learning

While students get Zoom, leaders of top universities get bumper paydays

UCU Universities' VCs' pay and Table of VCs' pay


Management and Financial Management

UK universities turn to private market as debts rack up 

Universities, finance capital and the impact of Covid-19

Being set up to fail? The battle to save the UK’s Universities from speculative finance

Struggling UK universities warn staff of possible job cuts

Potential job losses as Aberystwyth University to save £11m

Festive redundancies in UK Higher Education

These are the UK unis taking out the most gigantic loans

Bankers fret at ‘reckless’ universities

Sussex University: The McGettigan Report

UK universities face a crisis of over-ambitious expansion

Half of university tuition fees spent on teaching

Universities should put their own finances in order before seeking a public bailout

Warning over UCL finances after rapid expansion

Credit crisis at Oxbridge: Universities including Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester see their credit ratings hit as campus finances face a squeeze

Fighting over students, debts on the rise and little prospect of an early return to normal, will universities survive Covid-19?

Ratings agency warns of 'negative outlook' on seven institutions

Student unions cost £165m a year but only one in 10 undergraduates turn out to elect staff, report reveals

Universities including Oxford and Cambridge at risk of downgrade in donor drought, warns Moody’s

Nearly 25% of English universities in deficit last year, figures show

Number of English universities in financial deficit increases

Will recruiting more home students be enough to help providers who will lose out internationally?

Spiralling costs, high debt and Brexit: can UK universities survive?

Universities are pleading for a bailout to paper over their failures

Quarter of UK universities are 'bribing' A-level pupils with laptops and up to £1,200 cash if they select them as a 'firm' choice on UCAS form in desperate scramble to fill places

More than quarter of UK HE institutions post deficits

Number of English universities in financial deficit increases

We won't bail out failing universities, says higher education regulator

UCL accused of risking financial ‘body blow’ as borrowing doubles in a year

Fines for universities using low offers to ‘poach’ students from rivals

Unis could go bust if coronavirus keeps international students away, experts warn

Coronavirus: Universities fear fall in lucrative overseas students

Chinese pay 25% of fees at Russell Group universities

'Treated like cash cows': international students at top London universities withhold £29,000 fees

University of Manchester students pass vote of no confidence in boss

Coronavirus: which of the UK’s famous institutions face financial ruin?

Coronavirus: Universities warn of going bust without emergency funds

British universities were already in crisis before the pandemic. Will they survive Covid-19?

University of Sheffield begins tearing down new £65m building after blunder

Sheffield Uni has bought £400k worth of pianos despite staff cuts

How can universities climb out of the coming financial abyss?

Half of £65m Sheffield building project to be torn down in huge blow for university

Universities face a financial storm – that's why we need government help

Durham University faces backlash over 'radical' plans to cut face-to-face teaching by up to 25 per cent in the new academic year amid the coronavirus crisis

Universities want £2bn bailout as foreign students stay away

Oxford University puts its staff on furlough... but Vice-Chancellor Louise Richardson gets to KEEP her £452k-a-year pay package

Cambridge University is seeking financial help from the Government, vice-Chancellor reveals

Uni furloughs staff whilst Vice Chancellor keeps £450k salary

Staff refused access to furlough scheme demand apology from University of the West of Scotland

56% of Durham staff on precarious contracts as pandemic increases job insecurity

Oxford colleges pay ‘unliveable’ wages despite pledge by university

College hiring wine cellar assistant despite Covid cash crisis in universities

Top universities warn students will lose their place if they defer in an effort to avoid half-empty courses and a drastic drop in tuition fee income

Newcastle University has terminated the contracts of 8 Politics staff members

Oxford University to cut 81 cancer research jobs by Christmas

University of Kent to cut almost 150 full-time jobs

Temporary work at £9 an hour. No wonder lecturers are balloting to strike

UK universities plead for billions of pounds in support

Scotland's ancient universities and their reliance on foreign students

Coronavirus Exposes Class Conflict in Britain’s Universities

Covid: Teaching delays 'another blow' for Wales uni students

Unimaginable consequences

Huddersfield University's Bahrain degree 'providing torture hub with legitimacy'

Cambridge University accused of Faustian pact in planned £400m deal with UAE

The great British Con: How the British Degree Lost its Value

Universities must learn from banks to survive after Covid-19 shutdown

Oxbridge colleges open to tourists but not students as undergraduates say it is a 'slap in the face'

Universities ask government for £2bn bailout after loss of high tuition fees from overseas students - with less than 40% of the 120,000 from China expected to return after lockdown

Ministers may move university applications to after A-level results

Even before coronavirus, UK university finances were on the brink

Government 'could bail out top universities if in financial danger'

Hundreds of university staff to be made redundant due to coronavirus

Oxford University workers 'face uncertain future' says campaign group

University proposes online-only degrees as part of radical restructuring

'I feel like a number': unhappy UK students blocked from deferring studies

Covid-19 shows up UK universities' shameful employment practices

Cambridge college threatens to evict students if a Covid-19 outbreak occurs

Coronavirus: 'I paid for my student house, now all my lectures are online'

UK universities 'bullying' junior staff into face-to-face teaching

UK universities accused of keeping students at all costs until after fee deadline

Students complain they are not getting value for their £9k tuition fees in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and lecturer strikes, research shows

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a crisis in the UK universities

'Exhausted' Bournemouth student's pandemic post goes viral

Cardiff University apology after students called 'idiots'

Covid student chaos: Paying £30k a year and begging security for food

International student’s family forced to sell heirlooms to fund son’s £20k a year tuition fees

Edinburgh Uni fresher speaks out over 'failing' mental health support for struggling students

The international students struggling to feed themselves in lockdown

Institutions at risk due to Covid-19: a tool kit for members and negotiators

UK university student halls too full to be safe, experts warn

Covid in Scotland: University outbreaks were ‘accident waiting to happen’

UK purpose-built student accommodation market valued at more than £50bn

UK Student Accommodation Report 2019/20 (Cushman Wakefield)

 Should those running universities declare if they are masons?

The international students struggling to feed themselves in lockdown

Overseas students behind with fees could face axe from courses

The international students going hungry in the UK


Clare College refuses to pay £3,000 compensation to a student it wrongly suspended

Student Satisfaction with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education: Report of the OIA Student Survey 2009

Cambridge colleges accused of exploiting ‘gig economy’ tutors


Christ Church Oxford Feud

The alma mater of 13 Prime Ministers, Christ Church is Oxford's grandest college... but now a toxic feud among its dons is set to spill out in court – threatening what one distinguished alumnus calls 'a horror movie'

Oxford dons and dean of Christ Church in feud over email slurs

A scandal in Oxford: the curious case of the stolen gospel

Oxford University’s mortar‑board mafia meets the evangelicals in a tale of biblical intrigue

Christ Church Oxford tries to silence defence of dean

Oxford don held in theft case was given huge loan by Christ Church college

A scandal in Oxford: the curious case of the stolen gospel

Bitter row ruining Oxford college reputation, says watchdog

Can there be a truce in the bitter battle of the dean v Christ Church?


Oxford college rocked by allegations of leaks and blackmail


Imperial College VC Bullying Scandal

£554k university chief keeps her job after issuing 'whole-hearted apologies' following bullying probe into 'vipers' nest' at Imperial College London

Imperial College President and CFO investigated for bullying

Imperial College accused of cover-up over claims of bullying by president

Imperial students call for VC Alice Gast to resign after she admits to bullying claims

‘Bullying’ university leaders keep jobs

Imperial College London leaders admit they bullied colleagues

Imperial College London’s Alice Gast ‘very sorry’ for bullying

Imperial College staff demand senior executives resign after report exposes bullying of colleagues

Bullying university chief says sorry but won't quit: Britain's best-paid college boss Alice Gast keeps her £554,000 a year job

Bullying scandal university blames ‘clerical error’ for changes to HR policy

College responds to Union request for “clarity” following bullying inquiry

Britain's highest paid university boss who was found guilty of bullying in a secret investigation will stand down from £554k role when her contract expires

Imperial College under investigation by OfS over bullying scandal